15 Years Of Exporting Indian Diversity

Who would have known…that a soft, fluffy ball smiling in the fields will spin a story of a revolution in India? From cotton bale to fabric, cotton has taught our nation the spirit of self-sustainability and many ways to achieve success and growth.

Today cotton is one of the most important cash crops playing a pivotal role in the industrial and agricultural economy of India.

Who we are..

“Things of quality have
no fear of time.”

With this upright philosophy as the cornerstone of our operations, Patidar Exports Pvt. Ltd. is consistently endeavoring and gradually inching towards becoming an entity with a ‘timeless’ eminence across the world. Established in the year 2011, Patidar Exports Pvt. Limited is a part of the globally renowned Patidar Group of Companies and a three-star certified export house solely engaged in export of raw cotton across the world. Founded with a vision of heralding sustainable growth and development of the cotton industry, today, in the span of less than a decade, the company is fulfilling its dream and spreading the power of quality and trust across the world. Along with the adherence to quality it is the high-skilled, innovative and experienced team of professionals and committed workforce who spearhead our growth and help to cement a solid identity in the industry.

The journey so far...

“Every happy journey starts
with a spirited beginning.”

The successful and consistently growing journey of Patidar Exports Pvt. Ltd. had a spirited beginning in the form of its parent company Patidar Group – an international conglomerate with diversified business verticals each spinning and weaving stories of trust, quality and excellence. Founded in the southern heartland of Gujarat – Saurashtra in the year 1999, Patidar Exports Pvt. Ltd. has an impressive timeline, marked with dreams, dedication and promise to grow… all in the span of two decades.



Founded 1st ginning factory with the production capacity of 400 bales a day.



Moving ahead, started 2nd ginning factory – Somnath Ginning & Pressing Pvt. Ltd. with production capacity of 600 bales a day.



3rd successful installment in the journey was the establishment of Siddhivinayak Cotton Industries – 3rd ginning factory with 200 bale a day production capacity.



Another addition to the flourishing journey – Shubh Cotton – 4th ginning factory.



The newest to join the legacy – Vasudev Cot Gin with the production capacity of 200 bales a day.

Our Values


As a part of an established and renowned legacy like Patidar Group of Companies, it is our mission ... to preserve and nurture the ingrained values of quality, transparency, customer satisfaction and service and emerge as a trusted ally to our global customer base.

We deeply cherish and consistently strive to include upgradation and innovation in our processes to always come up with better solutions and products that have a global reckoning.


Keeping dedication, quality, and commitment at the hindsight, we envision to establish a global ... repute as a reliable and trusted exporter.

Holding each team member as an integral part of our dream of success, we envision to create a growth-centric, positive and a harmonious work culture where progress and success are mutual.

Through consistent refinement in the processes we envision to attain the highest standards of quality in products.

Corporate Values

We aim to touch the highest summits of corporate and operational excellence by ... abiding and following the values of

QUALITY…uncompromised & unparalleled
PRODUCTS…exceptional & excellent
SERVICE…reliable & faster
TRUST…stronger & firmer