Khakhra & Dry Bhakhri

Khakhara today is perhaps just as ubiquitous as Gujaratis all over the world. In fact, its popularity has transcended regional and linguistic boundaries. The flat, chapati like baked, crispy Khakhara, is a part of Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. It is a healthy snack made of whole wheat in delicious flavors and can be eaten with tea, milk, chutney, curd etc as an anytime snack.

  • Bajri Dhebara Khakhra
  • Jeera Bhakhri
  • Jeera Khakhra
  • Masala Bhakhri
  • Masala Khakhra
  • Methi Bhakhri
  • Methi Khakhra
  • Plain Khakhra
  • Plain Bhakhri