Punjab! The name itself brings fervent emotions of courage and passion in the minds of people. Punjabis have spread far & wide on the planet and form a prosperous community in many advanced countries. To give these ‘Shers of Punjab’ a taste of their native land, we have come up with this special range. The taste, aroma & looks of this range are ‘raw’ and unbeatable.

  • Amla Murabba
  • Apple Murabba
  • Carrot Murabba
  • Chakki Atta
  • Chakki Atta Sarbati
  • Gur Chana
  • Gur Rusk
  • Masala Gur
  • Milk Rusk
  • Pesi Gur
  • Punjabi Atta Biscuit
  • Punjabi Gur Biscuit
  • Punjabi Sakkar
  • Punjabi Saunf Gur Biscuit
  • Punjabi Wadi
  • Sarso ka Saag
  • Soya Chap
  • Soya Masala Chap
  • Sweet Kheel
  • Suji Rusk
  • Thread Sakkar
  • Wheat Rusk