We develop sturdy network with exceptional suppliers and acquire market information for instance, production volume and demand and supply trends. We procure material during the pick season to get the desired quality and best price. We always try to procure the raw material from its sourcing area to maintain the authenticity of the product.

Raw material is checked by the quality team at the time of procurement and is tested at lab too. We have inhouse Laboratory to check the quality of the products. Our laboratory staff is well trained and highly efficient to carry out the tests. Mainly two types of analysis done at our laboratory. Physical analysis and chemical analysis. Currently we outsource products for Micro-Organism analysis and Pesticide residual analysis.

Physical Analysis
  • Appearance
  • Color
  • smell etc.
Chemical Analysis
  • Moisture
  • Volatile, Nonvolatile, Ether extracts
  • Total ash 
  • Color
  • Bulk Density etc.

Fumigation process depends on the product requirement and the importing country’s norms. Raw material is placed in vacuum fumigation chamber and is treated with chemical ingredient ‘methyl bromide’. The concentration of the chemical depends upon the requirement of the product. Fumigation is the officially authorized procedure for the killing, removal or rendering infertile the pests. We strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use approved fumigants
  • Check efficiency of fumigation
  • Reprocess the fumigated product
  • Keep fumigations’ records
  • We do fumigation in a vacuum chamber

Hi-Tech Cleaning Plant is mainly used for Seed Spices, Pulses and Grain. This Comprises various steps of Separator Classifier, De-stoner, Magnetic Roller and Sortex

1. Separator Classifier

This is the primary process of the cleaning where all the seeds, pulses or Grains are passed through the Classifier as per the cleaning requirements. here product is being cleaned by removing unwanted materials in classifier very fast.

2. De-Stoner

After the cleaning in separator classifier now the de-stoner is used to separate the heavy and light material as per the process. By this machine we can remove stones, heavy metal trashes if any and any dense material which unwanted.

3. Magnetic Roller

Magnetic Roller is used to remove the iron particles, mud balls and Rate Droppings from the materials like, Seeds, Pules and Grains.

4. Sortex Machine

This Machine is fully computerized and equipped with lots of Cameras. By this machine we sort the products based on color. Which ensure the quality of the product is consistent and without any contamination. Which also ensure the product is having good and constant grade all the time.

This is a method of food processing where big chunks or grains of food are ground to powder. We have a world-class “chakki” for wheat and pulses grinding which produces perfect flour for use or as a best ingredient for perfect recipe. In sieving, the size of the product is matched with the mesh size.

Sterilization is a controlled heating process used to control the microorganisms counts like bacteria, yeast and molds. It also helps retain flavors, colors and texture of the products.

ETO Sterilization

We have in- house ETO chamber. Ethylene oxide gas (ETO) is widely used to sterilize materials and products. Depending on industry standards, ETO can be used to reduce or inactivate the microbial population of a product or material.

Steam sterilization

Steam Sterilization is the process where product kept at high pressure with steam either in batch or continuity. This process enhances color and texture of the product.

We provide ETO sterilized, Steam sterilized or Gamma Radiated material as per the buyer’s requirements.

Packing is the last step of the food processing. The product packing practice is following all the hygiene measure. Packing involve some of the process as below

Packing machine

We have a set up equipped ultramodern machinery which enables to get best packing with minimum time. The product packing practice is following all the hygiene measure to ensure the product packed is having best quality.

Metal Detector

Packed product is passed through the metal detector to check if any of the product contains any metal inside the pack which is very much hazardous for anyone who consume the food.